June 14, 2020 – Palm Desert, California

Pudge and Jill:

This letter is long overdue to the both of you concerning our recent mortgage with which you assisted us.   
You were both absolutely spot-on in your efforts to handle our needs and very accessible during the entire process. 

Pudge, you were tireless during the preparation  for the arduousness of the loan process. 
You were indispensable to us during rigors we were soon to undertake.   

And as you promised,  Jill was magnificent in the follow-up requirements coming our way after your surgery.  She was easy to deal with and full of great advice as she shepherded us during the seemingly mountains of paperwork and the minutia required by the current  lending guidelines.  We believe we were the luckiest twosome  alive to have her consistently available to keep us calm and always accessible for any crazy request our multi-offers required. 

Thank you for being here when we needed you!  It is a pleasure to write this letter for you both as you are truly professionals in every way. 

Most sincerely, 

Jona and Jerry Harrington