June 3, 2020 – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I was a 69 year old, retired woman, who found herself facing a divorce after 24 years of marriage.  At the time I was terrified, not knowing how I would survive without my husband’s salary, let alone file for divorce and pay an attorney.  My personal income would only be Social Security and any alimony I might receive.

I remembered that a friend had told me about Reverse Mortgages and maybe it would work for me.  So, I called Mr. Erskine at Ocean Lending.

I did not want to leave my home, but could not afford the $1900.00 monthly payment, let alone other bills. I was interested in a Reverse Mortgage but had heard all the unfounded rumors that the bank would eventually take my home. 

Ocean Lending explained the process in terms I could understand and found that I did, indeed, qualify. Knowing this gave me the strength to file for divorce and start the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage loan.

Ocean Lending walked me through the entire process and set me up with a short training course on the workings of a reverse mortgage.  This was extremely helpful and built the trust I needed in this company. They never pushed or pressured me.

Today, my divorce is final, the house was put into my name, and I am enjoying a stress-free life.  I am happy and quite comfortable without having the burden of a house payment.

Thank you, Ocean Lending, for changing my life in my retirement years.  Huge thank you to Leonard Erskine and Jill Hamilton for their guidance and support throughout the process. 😊