I was working with another loan officer on my Reverse mortgage, but he just could not answer my questions, or make me understand how this Reverse thing worked, and why his costs seem so high. Then the sale on the home I was looking at fell through. All this after my home was sold and I had to get out in less than 10 days.

Now I had sold my home but was not able to pay cash for the home I wanted so that I would not have a Mortgage Payment.

My Realtor said she had someone that could answer all my questions and save me money.

That’s when I met Pudge and Jill at Ocean Lending. My costs for Reverse Mortgage was more than $12,000 less than with the other loan officer I had been working with. It pays to get a 2nd offer.

I found a home I loved but did not think I could afford it. Pudge and Jill made it easy to understand how it could work. I did a Reverse Mortgage for a purchase, I put down less than 45% and now have the home I really wanted, in the area I had always loved. And Best of all I have no Mortgage Payment for the rest of my life, I Just must live where I always wanted to. What a deal.

I now have more of my income for everyday expenses, and money in the bank.

Jill and Pudge know what to do and how to get it done, and always do what is right for their clients.

Call Pudge and Jill with any questions you have – they can and will help.

Pudge 760-424 5720 Ext 236
Cell 818 601 1926

Jill 760-424-5720 Ext 235
Cell 760-567-8597


Janet Reed